23 Feb 2018

Schulte Radium Fertilizer Spreaders

We are pleased to present to you the fertilizer spreader made by Radium Engineering for Schulte Industries.

Since 1976, Radium Engineering has strived for exceptional quality, innovative designs and dependability in its implements. This has made the company well-respected and recognized within the agricultural industry of South Africa, as well as beyond its borders. An ongoing research and development program ensures that Radium products remain at the forefront of current technology, both in new product design and in the development of existing models. Satisfying the equipment needs of farmers based both locally and abroad has always been a top priority.

Schulte and Radium have an existing relationship as Radium imports our rotory cutters and rock picking equipment for distribution throughout Africa, so it was a natural fit for us to import the Fertilizer Spreader that they build into North America.  They are without question the leaders in spreading equipment in Africa and have a product that is comparative to North Americas top manufacturers of spreading equipment.    

The lineup consists of sizing from 2.5 Ton all the way up to 20 ton.  The classifications offered at this time are as follows:

1. Econospread.  The EconoSpread was created as an economically viable option for the small to medium-scale farmer. Built to spread a full range of materials, this machine can handle anything from extremely low rates of fertilizer to medium rates of organic material, as well as high rates of lime and gypsum. With the ability to control the spreading rate, this equipment is ideal for spreading jobs on pastures, or row crops.

With a welded construction of both sheet and plate metal, together with strong and flexible chassis, the EconoSpread is durable and built to be long-lasting. The high flotation wheels provide added traction, whilst the spinner motors mean the motor speed can be easily adjusted to an optimal spread pattern for the chosen material. Within the range of spreading equipment that Radium Engineering provides, the EconoSpread is the answer to all your small to medium-scale spreading work. Sizing ranges are 5.0 ton, 7.0 ton.  Both these models can have ground related gearbox drive or fully hydraulic drives.  Both size range also offer High Clearance tire options. 

2. Prospread.  The ProSpread is all about productivity and versatility. Designed for medium to large-scale farmers and contractors, this sturdy piece of machinery is ideal for various spreading jobs. By spreading at the exact rate of fertilizer, lime, gypsum, or dry organic material, this farming equipment is ideal for rows of crop to large-scaled farming jobs.

The robust chain conveyor system has been designed to keep the flow of the materials from the bin constant and even, and regardless of the terrain, it operates flawlessly. The body consists of welded sheet and plate metal, giving it added strength and the ability to tackle any spreading job.  Sizing ranges include 8.0, 10.0, 12.0, 15.0, and 20.0 ton models.  The 8.0 ton and 10.0 ton models can be equipped with high clearance tires, and the 12.0, 15.0 and 20.0 ton models when equipped with duals have a rear steering axle for better turning on headlands.  This will be the product that will be talked about the most!!

All models have the option to be manufactured in 3 choices of steel.  304 stainless, 3CR12 or mild steel.  All machines use the Flat bar chain conveyance, something that has set Radium apart from the others and how the material is delivered to the back of the machine.

Other features include:

  1.  ISOBUS ready machines available in hydraulic models.  This will be talked about at quoting.  If the end user or dealer has ISO ready tractors these spreaders have the capability to utilize this technology.  Variable rate is also available through these systems.  Raven is the go to dry rate controller we will lean towards for these machines, however when a machine is ISO ready it will communicate with and be displayed on the tractor monitors and can be controlled without having to purchase a monitor with the system.
  2. Dual axle rear steer on 12.0, 15.0 and 20.0 ton units.  It is a basic follow steer that follows the spreader around the field.  It does not rip up the head land as it turns.  This is a very nice feature.
  3. Industry leading side boards and tarps.  Michel industries in St Gregor Saskatchewan will install side boards and tarps when ordered.
  4. Flat Bar chain conveyance.  This comes standard on all machines sizes and models. This is how the material is delivered to the rear gate of the machine.  All others use either mesh type “pocketed “ chain or rubber belting.  Both are prohibitive in certain materials in keeping a constant pressure against the back door of the spreader.  To keep constant pressure of material is the most important thing on the spreader to keep consistent rates being applied.  The Flat bar chain pulls the product as a whole from front to back, so this keeps constant pressure and moves the whole load from front to back in one “ lump”.  This is by far the best way to keep the material against the gate for even distribution.
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