Current Operating Manuals:

Rotary Cutters:

FX-742         (sn range C74210093607-C74210122711)

FX-530         (sn range C53010204508-C530102780078)

5026            (sn range C5021822609-C50211911707)

FX-520        (sn range  C52010545607-C52010613708)

FX-318        (sn range  C31810362710- C31810411711)

XH-1500     (sn range C30810564707-C30810713712                

FX-1800      (sn range  C18511313711 - C18511336711)

FX-315       (sn range C31610487704-C31610511704 )

V1280         (sn range  CS0110461703-CS0110500711)

FX-1200     (sn range C19510155711 - C19510155711)

XH-1000     (sn range  C30910085707-C30910109712)

FLX-1510   (sn range A10510466706-A10510525709)

FX-209       (sn range C20910016611-C209100657090)

FX-107       (sn range  C10710001606-C10710094707)


Rock Removal:

Titan 5000         (sn range R80010022705-R80010070709)

RS320                 (sn range  9001298704-9011972705)

High Rise 8000 (sn range  R40010259611-R40010283706)

Giant 2500        (sn range  R10011188610-R10011292707)

SWR1400            (sn range  R20011130602-R20011314712)

SWR1000           (sn range  R90010001708-R90010020709)

SWR800             (sn range  R30000153604 - R30000192604)

SMR-800           (sn range  R500-R500)

SMR-600           (sn range R700-R700)

Snow Removal:   

RDX-117 (sn range 

SDX-117 (sn range 

RDX-102 (sn range 

SDX-102 (sn range 

SDX-840 (sn range 

FM-350 (sn range 

FM-115 (sn range 

SBX-87 (sn range 

SBX-75 (sn range 

SV Folding Blade

SV-10, SV-12, SV-14 


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FX 1800

"The Schulte FX-180 performs great in all conditions. It has replaced some of my older mowers and handles all mowing conditions I can throw at it. It runs smooth with its 7ga spun formed stump jumpers and the 7ga domed deck sheds water and is easy to keep clean. This single domed deck ads extra room under the deck area for a noticeably improved and increased cut rate over my old mowers. I would recommend this Schulte mower to anyone looking at an extremely tough, fast/clean cutting and smooth running Flex Wing Mower. Schulte is a cut above the rest!"

Jim Shipley Farmer, Lake Worth, FL

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