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High Rise 8000 Rock Picker

  • Load trucks with ease!
  • Build larger stone piles!
  • Durable tapered T-iron grate with 1-1/2” (38mm) thick teeth eliminates jamming while allowing soil to sift through for clean rock picking.
  • Batt tubing has 3/8” thick walls with wrap around, hard surfaced batt teeth for greater strength and wear resistance.
  • Large, heavy wire springs hold batts firmly in position and cushion shock loads. Spring coil diameter is reduced at the ends to minimize the possibility of breaking the spring hooks.
  • Floating grate protects the machine from damage due to large immovable rocks.
  • Optional hydraulic pivoting hitch pole allows the machine to be quickly moved from the offset picking position to a centered transport position.
  • Large 16.5L X 16.1 10 ply tires provide superior flotation.
  • Weight (Approximate)

    6458lbs (2929Kg)

  • Overall length

    229” (5816mm)

  • Overall width with tires

    115” (2921mm)

  • Overall width without tires

    91” (2311mm)

  • Hopper capacity

    3 cu. yards (2.29M3)

  • Picking width

    60" (1524mm)

  • Dumping height

    96" (2438mm)

  • Tire size

    16.5L x 16.1 x 10ply(stand.)

  • Minimum tractor size

    85 hp (63Kw)

  • Tractor hydraulic requirements

    12 GPM @ 2200 psi, dual remote outlets

  • Hydraulic motor displacement

    14.9 cu. inch/rev (244ml)

  • Final drive ratio


  • drive sprockets

    11T and 45T #80

  • Crossover relief valve

    1750 psi cracking pressure

  • Recommended reel speed

    36 rpm

  • Pick rocks

    2" - 27" (5cm - 69cm)

High Rise 8000 Rock Picker Picking Rocks in Norway

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High rise 8000


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