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FLX-1510 Flex Arm

  • Increase operator safety, comfort and performance with the revolutionary Schulte Flex-Arm.
  • The Schulte Flex-Arm allows the operator to travel on the road while his Schulte 10’ or 15’ rotary cutter cuts the ditch slope.
  • The tractor does not have to ride on the ditch slope so rollovers are very low risk. As an added bonus, wear & tear on the tractor is greatly reduced.
  • Operator comfort is greatly increased. Operators who have had a chance to use the Schulte FLEX-ARM say comfort & safety are the best features.
  • Visibility is improved. The operator is placed in a better position to view obstacles before they reach the rotary cutter.
  • The FLEX-ARM and Schulte cutter can be used in wet conditions, which could make cutting more difficult if the tractor had to ride on the slope.
  • Because of the unique way in which the FLEX-ARM is attached to the rotary cutter, it can be easily backed up to cut around approaches and other obstacles.

  • New heavy duty 11L x 15, 12 ply tires with a load capacity of 4000 lbs.
  • Cut directly in-line with the tractor or at any offset distance up to 122” (10.16ft)
  • Large 2-1/2” castor pivot shaft
  • 6000 lb capacity 6 bolt hubs
  • Spring steel tension bushings and induction hardened pins at major pivot points
  • Minimum of 3 hydraulic circuits required to operate the FLEX ARM with a 15’ or 10’ mower
  • If independent wing lift is required on 15’ mower then 4 hydraulic circuits or optional _selector valve kit is required
  • Heavy duty 3-1/2 X 36 welded hydraulic cylinder
  • Weight of the FLX-1510 is 2557 lbs
  • Safety lighting kit
  • Bolt-in replaceable axles
  • Easily detached from the rotary cutter by disconnecting the hitch and the stabilizer strut
  • Continuous power rating of 200HP at 1000 RPM
  • Accommodates 540 or 1000 RPM power delivery from the tractor
  • Optional 6 port selector valve kit for independent wing action or limited tractor hyd. outlets
  • Transport widths:
    • Arm & rotary cutter. 70” to the left of the tractor and 52” to the right for a total of 121”
    • Arm alone. 70” to the left of the tractor and 47” to the right for a total of 117”
    • Arm & rotary cutter with stop block installed on the transport lock bar. 55” to the left of the tractor and 66” to the right. In this configuration the arm is 19” off center. The stop block can be installed when working on narrow roads to improve clearance for oncoming traffic.

Schulte FLX1510 Flex Arm

SCHULTE FLX1510 Flex Arm RH and LH Models

Schulte FLX1510 Flex Arm

Flex Arm Assembly Instructions


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"We are a commercial mowing business. We purchased a Schulte XH1500 15ft. batwing mower this year. In 500 hours of use we have replaced the blades and a set of wing skids once. Blades on our other mowers rarely lasted 100 hours. It takes 2 1/2 hours to change a set of blades. Parts are an expense as well as down time. Our business is mowing not fixing. With our Schulte, our main cost is greasing. The Schulte is a level mowing, smooth running machine. Our employees prefer operating the Schulte. We feel it is worth its cost and would recommend Schulte to anyone."

Larry Rindels Commercial Cutter, Tulsa, OK

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