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FX-1800 Rotary Cutter

  • A single domed 7 ga continuously welded deck makes this rotary cutter extremely easy to clean,prevents water pooling and rusting and helps shed debris.
  • 6.5 ” blade overlap and high blade tip speeds.
  • A four gearbox drive line with independent slip clutches. The FX-1800 utilizes heavy-duty and extremely reliable Bondioli gearboxes. The splitter has 1 3/4 ” 20 spline input and output shafts and is rated at 260 HP (194kw). The centre and wing boxes have 1 3/4 ” 20 spine input shafts, 2 3/8 ” down shafts and are rated at 225 HP (168kw)*.
  • An 80 degree CV shaft allows for smooth power transmission during tight turns.The CV for 540 rpm is a Category 6 and for 1000 rpm is a category 5 The driveline on the cutter itself employs self adjusting friction clutches to protect your investment and always operate at peak performance. All clutches are located under the main shield for ease of service.
  • Spun formed 7gauge stump jumpers (round skid pans) ensure durability and balance.
  • Available in 540 or 1000rpm drive.

    * Based on intermittent use.
  • Cutting Width

    180 ” (4.57m)

  • Overall Width

    190 ” (4.83m)

  • Overall Length

    202 ” (5.13m)

  • Transport Width

    93” (2.36m) (Singles on wings) 102" (2.59m) (Duals on wings)

  • Transport Height


  • Deck Thickness

    7GA (3/16",4.6mm)

  • Weight

    5,600 lbs (2540kg) (Depends on configuration)

  • Hitch Weight

    1680 lbs (762kg) (Depends on configuration)

  • Minimum Tractor Hp

    50 HP (37kW)

  • Recommended Tractor HP

    85 HP (63kW)

  • Tractor PTO Speed

    540 or 1000rpm

  • Cutting Height

    1.75"to 16.75" (44.5mm to 425mm)

  • Ground Clearance


  • Cutting Capacity


  • Blade Overlap


  • Divider Gearbox Rating

    260 HP (194kw)

  • Center & Wing Gearbox Rating

    225 HP (168kw)*

  • Output Shaft


  • Blade Tip Speed

    540 rpm

  • Center

    15980 ft/min (4871m/min)

  • Wing

    15459 ft/min (4711m/min)

  • Blade Tip Speed

    1000 rpm

  • Center

    15974 ft/min (4869m/min)

  • Wing

    15708 ft/min (4788m/min)

  • Wing Working Range

    25 o down to 87 o up

  • Wing Floating Range

    25 o down to 30 o up

  • Drive Size, Main

    Cat.5CV (1000rpm),Cat.6 CV (540 rpm)

  • Drive Size, Centre and Wings

    Category 6

  • Side Skirt Depth & Thickness

    13.63" (346mm) & 1/4” (6.35mm)

  • Suspension

    Rubber gromett 3 puck system

  • Tires

    Laminate, Aircraft (5 bolt) 22” size

  • * Based on intermittent use.

FX-1800 Cutting Slough Grass


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