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FX-315 Rotary Cutter

  • Residue Distribution Tailboard ensures maximum distribution while maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Heavy duty drive package includes 260hp splitter box and 210hp right angle boxes.
  • This rotary cutter features a single domed, sweep clean deck design eliminates excess weight over competitive double deck designs, reduces build up of debris and prevents rust from moisture.
  • Variable Position Shrouding allows you to change your material flow underneath your cutter to maximize shredding and distribution.
  • New patent pending replaceable deck ring.
  • The Speed Leveling system minimizes setup and switch over time for front to back leveling for different draw bar heights from tractor to tractor.
  • Extremely Narrow Transport width of 99”.
  • A 13 3/8” frame depth & increased blade tip speeds for superior cutting and flow material.
  • Cutting Width

    180" (4.57 m)

  • Overall Width

    190" (4.83 m)

  • Overall Length

    198" (5.03 m)

  • Transport Width

    99" (2.52 m)

  • Transport Height

    84" (2.13 m)

  • Deck Thickness

    7GA (3/16", 4.6mm)

  • Weight (Dep. on configuration)

    5665 lbs

  • Hitch Weight (Dep. on configuration)

    2120 lbs

  • Minimum Tractor Hp

    65 HP (49 kW)

  • Recommended Tractor HP

    85 HP (63 kW)

  • Cutting Height (Dep on config)

    5/8" to 17.5"

  • Ground Clearance

    16.75" (42.5mm)

  • Cutting Capacity

    3.5" (89mm)

  • Blade Overlap

    6.5" (165mm)

  • Divider Gearbox Rating

    260HP (194kw)

  • Center Gearbox Rating

    210 HP (157kw)

  • Blade Tip Speed

    540 rpm

  • Center

    15980 ft/min (4871 m/min) 15980 ft/min (4871 m/min)

  • Wing

    15459 ft/min (4711 m/min) 15459 ft/min (4711 m/min)

  • Blade Tip Speed

    1000 rpm 1000 rpm

  • Center

    15974 ft/min (4869 m/min) 15974 ft/min (4869 m/min)

  • Wing

    15708 ft/min (4788 m/min) 15708 ft/min (4788 m/min)

  • Wing Working Range

    25o down to 103o up 25o down to 103o up

  • Wing Floating Range

    25o down to 40o up 25o down to 40o up

  • Perimeter Tubing

    (21/2” x 21/2” x 3/16”) (21/2” x 21/2” x 1/4”) (3” x 2” x 3/16”)

Schulte FX315 Rotary Cutter

Schulte FX-315 Rotary Cutter


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