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XH-1500 Industrial Grade Cutter

  • New, extra heavy duty, high horsepower Bondioli gearboxes with new oil level sight glass and 1-3/4" input shafts and 3” (75mm) output shaft
  • New extra heavy duty Bondioli G8 drive lines
  •  New high-torque wing clutches ensure better performance in rough cutting
  • Fitted with replaceable spring steel bushings at all major pivot locations to increase the ease of maintenance and life of the machine.  New locations include the pivot points on the hitch, tension links, center suspension, wing suspension and all wheel standards. 

  • Single domed, sweep clean deck design eliminates excess weight over competitive double-deck designs, eliminates build up of debris and prevents rusting on top side of deck
  • Tandem walking axles result in smooth operation over rough surfaces
  • A deep cutting chamber coupled with high blade tip speeds result in a superior cut & unsurpassed material flow
  • 24" severe duty tires, transport height is increased to 17.5" along with improved performance in wet conditions
  • Lower pressure 8" stroke hydraulic phasing cylinders for a level lift
  • Low maintenance CV Tractor Shaft or 540rpm Equal Angle Hitch available
  • Serviceable, bolt on hitch swivel
  • Center suspension reduces stress on tractor drawbar
  • 3/8” thick formed deck protection rings prevent blade to deck contact
  • Double safety chains with individually replaceable links are standard equipment
  • Cutting width

    XH1500 -XH1000 180" (4.57m)......................126" (3.20m)

  • Overall width

    190" (4.83m)......................139" (3.53m)

  • Overall length

    192" (4.88m)......................192" (4.88m)

  • Transport width

    min 88" (2.24m)..................88" (2.24m)

  • Transport height

    88" (2.24m)........................88" (2.24m)

  • Deck thickness

    7GA (3/16") (4.6mm)...........7GA (3/16") (4.6mm)

  • Weight, approx.

    5800 lbs (2636kg)...............5200 lbs (2364kg)

  • Hitch weight, approx.

    1900 lbs (864kg).................1700 lbs (773kg)

  • Minimum tractor HP

    65 HP (52kW).....................50 HP (45kW)

  • Recommended tractor HP

    85 HP (67kW).....................75 HP (60kW)

  • Cutting height

    1.5 to 17.5" (38 to 456mm)

  • Ground clearance

    17.5" (444mm) (with 24” tire)

  • Cutting capacity

    4" material (102mm)

  • Blade overlap

    6.5" (165mm)

  • Divider gearbox rating

    260 HP (194kW)

  • Centre/wing gearbox rating

    225 HP (168kw)*

  • Blade tip speed

    540 rpm

  • Centre

    850 rpm, 15,743 ft/min (4884m/min)

  • Wing

    1002 rpm, 16,022 ft/min (4798m/min)

  • Wing working range

    25 degrees down to 90 degrees up

  • * Based on intermittent use.


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Kelly Hall C & H Mowing

XH-1500 Rotary Cutters

“We’ve found a mower that will stand the test of time, without a doubt the best mower we’ve ever had. We’ve been in business since 1983, we bought four Schulte mowers in ‘94 and a couple more in ‘97 and before we knew it they were all green, we didn’t have any more red ones or yellow ones. The biggest thing we’ve found with Schulte over the competition we used prior to ‘94 is we didn’t have to get the service truck out to the mow route every day when they’d be down for an hour or two once a week on average, if not more. When you’re out on the highway getting paid by the job not the hour, you’re not making money when they’re sitting still. The series three has been almost bullet proof, that’s on highway mowing you know, running 100 pound semi recaps and drive line knuckles through them. I’ve hit three bowling balls in my career, we test them out. I like to give credit where credit is due, you guys have a good product.”

Kelly Hall C & H Mowing, Hebron, IN

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