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Built to Last

Schulte Industries provides a selection of innovative, high-quality rotary cutters, stone/rock pickers, tillage equipment, and snow removal equipment. Our products are designed to work hard every day with fewer repairs and less downtime.

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Schulte RWP-1935 Picker/Windrower

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Schulte Covid-19 Statement

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SoilStar DHX-600 Disc Harrow

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XH-1500 and FX-520 Rotary Cutters

After our company switched to Schulte, our revenue per cutter went up 33%. We were getting paid by the acre so we were always worried about production and cost per acre. We were having...
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SoilStar DHX-600

“I’ve even had our neighbours think we had seeded a drought resistant canola because the crop looked so much better in areas where the SoilStar DHX-600 was used. The disc...
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Flex Arm

“Keeping the tractor out of the ditch reduces cuts and flats on the tractor tire and less tractor maintenance with the tractor running level. We can cut much closer to...
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About Schulte Industries

We are a world leader in the manufacturing of rotary cutters, rock removal equipment, and snow removal equipment with a proud history spanning more than 60 years.

Schulte products are 100% built to last and perform in all types of environmental conditions. In terms of price and durability, we offer the best value you will ever find on rotary cutters, stone pickers, tillage equipment, snow removal equipment, and more. Fewer repairs. Less downtime.

Our mowers and rotary cutters are tough enough to handle large terrain, while producing cuts that are clean, quick, and top quality. They have features that increase safety and operator comfort, while reducing wear and tear. By the way, one interesting thing about Schulte is that we build the largest rotary cutter in the entire world.

Our stone pickers and windrowers are perfect for any commercial and agricultural needs. Like all of the other equipment we offer, they are durable, dependable, and get the job done right. Every time. They are useful for improving crop production, or for simply improving an area’s appearance. You can also protect your other valuable machinery from potential damage by using a Schulte stone picker to secure the area of hidden stones.

Our snow removal equipment is going to blow you away! (haha). We have snow blowers of all shapes and sizes, suited to whatever jobs you need to get accomplished. Like all of our other equipment, these are safe and comfortable to use.

When you need a new rotary cutter, stone picker, tillage or snow removal equipment – when you need something reliable and built to last – think of Schulte first. We’ll take care of you and hook you up with exactly the equipment you need.