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SHX-784, 84’ Variable Tine Harrow


84′ Variable Tine Harrow System

Professional producers require harrows capable of managing residue even in the toughest of conditions at various times of the year. The Schulte SHX line of harrows accomplish that with their unique seven bar harrow tine design and layout along with Field Finish On Demand™. The new 60 foot SHX-760 & 84 foot SHX-784 are the only harrows to offer a combination of heavy and light tines to move ground more aggressively, break up straw, improve material distribution and create that desired field finish. The Field Finish On Demand hydraulic harrow pressure system allows you to optimize your field finish requirements. The Schulte SHX line of harrows offers great versatility for post-harvest residue management and pre-seeding soil bed preparation.

The SHX’s unique seven bar harrow uses three front rows of 5/8” x 28” tines and 4 back rows of ½” x 28” tines. This layout allows the harrow to be more aggressive at the front with the desired field finish and material distribution at the back. This configuration also helps the tines to wear more evenly and last longer, as the front tines of a harrow wear quicker than the rear tines. The SHX harrows have increased the harrowing action/movement at the tip of the tine by lengthening the tine to 28” over more traditional 22”. Schulte has also increased the spacing between the rows of tines over other machines on the market providing better material flow and distribution resulting in an improved field finish.

Demand™ system. To control the amount of force exerted by the harrows on the ground, there are two options: Manual Hydraulic and Electronic Hydraulic. Both options use cylinders mounted between a parallel arm system to provide either positive or negative pressure. Negative pressure will lift the harrow sections reducing the force exerted on the ground for working in high straw loads or damp conditions. Positive pressure will increase the force exerted on the ground for more soil disturbance and incorporation. The manual version has a valve on the hitch that adjusts pressure while the electronic version uses a monitor mounted in your cab.

The SHX’s main tube carrying the centre harrow is made out of 12” x 12” x 3/8” tubing and the wings are 12” x 12” x 1/4”. This improves durability and provides the necessary weight to be aggressive with the harrows and eliminates harrow bounce and reduces downtime in any field conditions. The negative pressure option and heavy construction of the machine allows you to run the harrow under tough/damp difficult conditions, increasing efficiencies by allowing you to go faster and for longer.

The SHX harrow pitch angle is adjustable from 0 to 6 degrees.  This allows the back of the harrow to be pitched up in comparison to the front to help improve material distribution in certain conditions. Massive, durable cast wing knuckles use 2.5” diameter pins with greaseable spring steel bushings improving life span.

A shorter hitch allows for better maneuverability and is made out of 10” x 6” x 3/8” tubing with ½” gusset plates to ensure overall robustness.

The SHX has a hydraulic lock for the wing tension links and safety lock pins to eliminate inadvertently actuating the cylinders engaging the wings during field operation.

The SHX units always have positive hitch weight in transport position unlike may of the traditional harrows in the marketplace. This is achieved through over centering the frame when lifting the machine into transport position. This over centering also widens the clearances between the centre section and wing for ground following in the transport position. 

Working Width84 ft
Transport Width15 ft
Transport Height15 ft
Transport Length58 ft
Weight27,000 lbs
Harrow Sections7
Width of Sections12 ft
Harrow Layout7 bar
Harrow Tyne Options3 front rows 5/8” x 28” with tip 4 back rows 1/2” x 28” with tip Or All rows 1/2” x 28” with tip
Harrow Angle Adjustment32 - 90 degrees
Harrow Tube Spacing16 in
Harrow Tyne Spacing1 23/32”
Pressure AdjustmentPositive / Negative
Pitch Adjustment0 - 6 degrees
Tires560/45 22.5 Radials
Hubs8 bolt - 10,000lb
Main Boom Tubing12” x 12” x 1/4”
Number of Hydraulic Outlets4
Active Hydraulics OptionsManual Control / Electronic In-Cab Control
Safety Lighting, SMV, ChainsStandard
Horsepower Required5-7 per foot width

-Heavy duty 12” X 12” tubular frame -Harrows include a seven bar design with three sets of 5/8” at the front and four of 1/2” tines with industry leading 28” length -Wider harrow spacing allows for better material flow and distribution -Active hydraulic up or down pressure controlled either manually or through a cab mounted monitor -Robust“ A” frame hitch design allows for easy manoeuvrability -Angle adjustment of the harrows from 0 to 6 degrees

Schulte SHX-784 Video