• Enjoy the convenience, comfort and improved performance of a front mounted snow blower. No matter how much snow you need to move you will appreciate the FM-350.
  • The FM-350 gives you the ability to mount your 3pt snow blower on the front of your tractor instead of on the tractor’s rear 3pt hitch.
  • Better visibility and ergonomics when coupled with a Schulte Snow Blower.
  • Blowing snow while driving forward, is more efficient than blowing snow in reverse.
  • The FM-350 allows you an increased selection of travel speeds, as your tractor has many more forward gears then reverse gears. This increased gearing selection will result in better snow blowing performance and less wear and tear on the tractor clutch, and your neck.
  • The FM-350 is available without a drive train for blades.
  • NOTE: This frame is not compatible with mounting on tractors equipped with Super-Steer
Tractor horsepower, maximum250HP max
Tractor PTO1000 RPM for SDX/RDX117 and SDX/RDX102, 540 RPM for SDX/RDX102 only
Lift capacity5000 lbs
AdjustabilityAccommodates tractors between 151” and 211” measured from front mount plate to drawbar pin
Nominal ground clearance13” depending on tractor installation
Nominal lift range18”
Weight1650 lbs
RDX 117 Snow Blower on FM-350 Front Mount Frame
SDX 102 and RDX 102 Schulte Snow Blower on FM-350 Front Mount Frame