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  • This 20 foot wide, five rotor design optimizes cutting performance in a rotary cutter, increases productivity and delivers extremely even distribution over competitors 20’ models.
  • Unique 6 Gear Box layout, 260 hp divider box, 190 hp down boxes, 1000rpm driveline gives unsurpassed cutting performance with higher cut speeds.
  • 5 Slip Clutches, 1 at each down box protects the drive line. Also, shear pin at the input shaft on the divider box.
  • Continuously welded 7 ga modular deck design improves strength and reduces rusting.
  • Hitch Lift Assist helps to lift the mower over obstacles so as to prevent undo stress on blades and down shafts.
  • A hydraulic phasing cylinder system ensures an accurate parallel lift across the rotary cutter.
Cutting Width240” (6.1 m)
Overall Width247” (6.2 m)
Overall Length242” (6.15 m)
Cutting Height2" - 17.5” (51 - 445 mm) depending on tire size
Transport Width104" (2.6 m)
Transport Height120” (3.05 m)
Weight6525lbs. (2960 kg) (single chain, 6 tires, pans)
Hitch Weight2280 lbs (1034kg) (single chain, 6 tires, pans)
Cutting Capacity2" (51mm) (Fixed Knife Unit) 4" (102mm) (Pan Unit)
Minimum Tractor Size100 HP (75 kW)
Blade Tip Speed16000 ft/min (4900m/m)
Blade Overlap6" (153mm)
Divider Box rating260 hp (194kw)
Down Box rating225 hp (168kw) Intermittent use only
Deck Thickness .180.180" (7 ga) (4.6mm)
Skirt Thickness1/4" (6.4mm)
Wing Operating Range20 degrees down to 90 degrees up
Wing Float Range20 degrees down to 40 degrees up

*Divider box has 1.75" 20 spline input and output shafts. *Down boxes have 1.75” 20 spline input shafts and 2.375” down shafts

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