Products Rotary Cutters Mowers FX-530 ROTARY CUTTER


  • 30 foot of mowing and shredding excellence in a rotary cutter
  • Accommodates 30”, 32”, 36”, 38″ row spacings
  • Excellent shredding and distribution capabilities on Fixed Knife units
  • Unique drive layout allows for clutch at each of the five down boxes
  • Spun formed pans available on pan unit
  • Floating hitch with rubber grommet rear suspension
  • Phasing system for a parallel lift cut
  • Non-adjustable clutches provide low maintenance
  • Available Cyclone Deck Debris Fan Kit
  • 350hp, 60 degree splitter gearbox allows for unique driveline layout on our second largest rotary cutter
Cutting Width365" (30.4 ft or 9.3 m)
Overall Width377" (31.4 ft or 9.6 m)
Overall Length236" (19.7 ft or 6 m)
Cutting Height2" - 15" (51mm - 381mm)
Std Wheel Ext., Transport Width118" (3 m)
Row Crop Wheel Ext., Transport Width153" (3.88 m)
Transport Height - without hyd. folding wing tips176" (14.7 ft or 4.5 m)
Transport Height - with hyd. folding wing tips153" (12.75 ft or 3.9 m)
Weight12,300 lbs (5580 kg) depending upon configuration
Hitch Weight4,500 lbs (2041 kg) depending upon configuration
Cutting Capacity2" (51 mm)
Minimum Tractor Size200 hp (149 kW) ensure drawbar can support weight
Blade Tip Speed16,300 ft/min (4970 m/min)
Blade Overlap6" (152 mm)
Divider Box Rating350 hp (261 kW)
Down Box Rating210 hp (157 kW)
Deck Thickness.134" (10 ga) (3.4 mm)
Skirt Thickness1/4" (6.4 mm)
Wing Operating Range16 degrees down to 21 degrees up

*Divider box has 1.75" 20 spline input and output shafts. *Down boxes have 1.75” 20 spline input shafts and 2.375” down shafts

Schulte FX-530
FX-530 10 Row Cotton Shredder
FX-530 Cutting wheat straw in Washington
FX-530 Shredding Rice Straw in California