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  • 42 foot (12.8m) cutting width is the world’s largest rotary cutter. Use 1 cutter where traditionally 2 or 3 cutters were needed. Cover more ground & reduce the number of tractors and fuel costs.
  • Unique 5-plex design flexibility allows for a 118” (3m) transport width.
  • Available with stump jumpers for pasture and grass maintenance or with Schulte’s fixed knife and baffle technology for mulching crop residue such as straw, corn or cotton stalks.
  • Unmatched rotary cutter reliability with a premium Bondioli & Pavesi SFT drive & gearbox system.
  • Size 10 main CV with an over running clutch provides worry free shut downs.
  • Fully compatible for all row crop cutting in 30”, 32”, 38”, 40” and one metre row spacing.
  • A parallel solid tongue hitch maintains even load on the tractor draw bar.
  • Full rubber grommet suspension across the entire unit reduces shock loading and maintains even cutting, even in the roughest of conditions.
  • Unique driveline arrangement allows for independent clutch protection for each down rotor.
  • A continuously welded 10 gauge domed deck adds strength and durability to our largest rotary cutter.
Cutting Width42ft (12.8m)
Overall Width42.9ft (13.1m)
Overall Length24.25ft (7.4m)
Cutting Height2" - 16" (51mm - 406mm)
Transport Width118" (3m)
Row Crop Wheel Trans. Width146” (3.7m)
Transport Height165" (13.75 ft or 4.2 m)
Weight18,000lbs (8165 kg) depending upon configuration
Hitch Weight6,500lbs (2950 kg) depending upon configuration
Cutting capacity2" (51mm)
Minimum Tractor Size250 hp (186 kW) ensure drawbar can support weight
Blade Tip Speed16,300 ft/min (4970 m/min)
Blade Overlap6.5" (165mm)
Divider Box Rating350 hp (261 kW)
T Box Ratings180 hp (134 kW)
Down Box Ratings210 hp (157 kW)
Deck Thickness134" (10 ga) (3.4mm)
Skirt Thickness1/4" (6.4mm)
Inside Wing Operating Range11° down to 13° up
Outside Wing Operating Range8° down to 10° up

*Divider Boxes have 1.75" 20 Spline input and output shafts
*Down Boxes have 1.75" 20 Spline input shafts and 2.375" down shafts
*Tractor 80 degree CV shaft with 1 3/4” 20 spline coupler with over running clutch is standard

Schulte FX742
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