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Schulte Rotary Cutters and Mowers

For over 30 years, Schulte has been building rotary cutters and mowers to last  and perform in all weather and mowing conditions. Our rotary cutters, mowers are built strong to take on large terrain and still produce a clean, quick and quality cut. Decrease downtime and ensure you are getting the most from your Schulte rotary cutters. We offer the best value with competitive pricing and durability. Oh, and did we mention we build the world’s largest rotary cutter?

Our Schulte Flex-Arm allows our rotary cutters, mowers to be a cut above the rest. It Increases operator safety and comfort; increases visibility and decreases chances of collision with obstacles and rollovers, and as an added bonus significantly reduces the wear and tear on the rotary cutter, mowers.

This technology has numerous agricultural applications, including: corn, cotton, sunflowers, rice, grass seed, cereal grains, oil seeds, pastures, set aside and green manure plough down

#1 – Using Schulte’s Fixed Knife Technology, crop residue is slammed into stationary fixed knives, mounted in strategic positions under the deck of the rotary cutter by free swinging blade sets, moving at up to 16,000 feet per minute. #2 – Mounted baffle distribution plates direct the mulched material out of the cutter with an even spread. #3 – Shattered stalks or crop residue decompose rapidly, because the shattered material is opened to microbes and weathering. #4 – The stationary fixed knives are protected by shear bolts which allow them to pivot when required. The free swinging blades are each protected individually by slip clutches. #5 – Schulte flex wing cutters are easy to manoeuvre, with 3m (9.8’) transport width, even on the largest models. Many competitive flail choppers are very wide to transport or must be end towed. #6 – Schulte flex wing cutters have built in suspension to handle the roughest ground conditions. #7 – Schulte flex wing cutters are designed to work in most row crop spacings by using adjustable wheel standards or axle spindles. #8 – Optional rubber belting on each model helps create more vacuum under the cutter deck and control blow out of material, which can then fall on top of the deck. #9 – Fixed knives with free swinging updraft bottom blades are to be used in dry material, such as corn, sun flowers, rice, oil seed, cereal crops and grass seed straw. #10 – Fixed knives with free swinging flat bottom blades are generally used to cut green material or wet cotton stalks. #11 – Fixed knives can be easily removed to cut green grass, pasture or set aside making the Schulte rotary cutter a multipurpose tool as compared to traditional flail choppers. #12 – Fixed Knife units can also be used in orchard or vineyard prunings to mulch branches. Shredding crop residue after harvest allows you to raise the combine header and run less material through the combine separator allowing the combine to travel faster while also saving fuel and improving separation of crop residue. Available on – FX315 Rotary Cutter | FX520 Rotary Cutter | 5026 Rotary Cutter | FX520 Rotary Cutter

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