SoilStar DHX-600 Disc Harrow

September 25, 2019

Posted by: stealth

Ground Breaking Technology

The Award Winning SoilStar DHX-600 Tillage Unit, is winning praise from farmers.

Professional producers require equipment that can manage increased straw and chaff loads post-harvest, increase water penetration, quicken soil warming and promote weed seed germination for a proper pre-seed burn-off operation. DHX-600 does all that with its double row of wavy coulters and five bar heavy harrow. The coulters engage the ground sizing the straw and mixing the chaff within the top layer of soil. The heavy harrow evenly distributes, levels and breaks up residue that is discharged by the coulters. The DHX-600 is the next level of performance for post-harvest and pre-seeding.

DHX-600’s two rows of 18” eight wave coulters on 7.2” spacing followed by five bars of 5/8” x 26” heavy harrow tines. This allows it to efficiently chop straw, mix residue with the ground all while spreading and levelling. The coulters are mounted to a four bolt service free hub and a specially designed flat bar shank. The four bolt hub includes an Over Cap, a Grasswrap Guard, a V-Seal and a Triple Lip Seal protecting back to back Ball Bearings that will provide years of trouble free use. The hub is completely rebuild-able to help reduce service costs and down time. The flat bar shank has been designed out of ½” x 4” 6150 spring steel for long life excellent ground following.

The harrow tine coils are designed to get larger towards the outside of the tine so as to reduce stress during field operation. All harrows are controlled hydraulically for on the go adjustment. The down pressure on the harrow section can be easily adjusted with two large tension springs. There is a single point depth control for the discs mounted at the rear of the machine. Simply move the adjustment along the slide to set your disc depth. The main frame of the DHX-600 is made from 12” x 12” 3/8” thick tubing making the machine robust and providing the necessary weight to make the disks extremely effective. The wing frames have been designed to carry almost an additional 3,000 lbs of water which adds an extra 30 lbs of force to each disk for increased penetration if needed. The wing knuckle is made from 2” plate and uses 2.5” diameter Nitrided pins and MLG fiber bushings making it service free.

Here’s what Joey Armbruster a farmer from Saltcoats SK has to say:

“We ran the Schulte SoilStar on about 3000 acres in a dry spring on our farm near Yorkton, SK. It was used for spring residue management from the previous crops of wheat, canola and peas. With the same pass we created a really nice bed for seeding into. We were impressed with the perfect job this 60 foot machine could do, dialed in by raising and lowering the coulter discs independently of the heavy harrows. Where we worked the land we had 100% canola germination, and in areas where we didn’t use the disc harrow, it was down to 80. The machine also makes weeds germinate quicker in dry conditions, instead of waiting on the rain, allowing you to spray sooner. We’ve tried other units over the years and are glad we found the Schulte DHX-600 it’s the perfect fit for our operation”