SoilStar SHX-784 Seven Bar Variable Tine Harrow System

June 28, 2024

Posted by: Rob Muench

Schulte Industries - SHX 784 Cover copy

Professional producers require harrows capable of managing residue even in the toughest of conditions at various times of the year. The Schulte SHX line of harrows accomplish that with their unique seven bar harrow tine design and layout along with Field Finish On Demand™. The new 60 foot SHX-760 & 84 foot SHX-784 are the only harrows to offer a combination of heavy and light tines to move ground more aggressively, break up straw, improve material distribution and create that desired field finish. The Field Finish On Demand hydraulic harrow pressure system allows you to optimize your field finish requirements. The Schulte SHX line of harrows offers great versatility for post-harvest residue management and pre-seeding soil bed preparation.

-Heavy duty 12” X 12” tubular frame
-Harrows include a seven bar design with three sets of 5/8”
at the front and four of 1/2” tines with industry leading 28” length
-Wider harrow spacing allows for better material flow and distribution
-Active hydraulic up or down pressure controlled either manually
or through a cab mounted monitor
-Robust“ A” frame hitch design allows for easy maneuvrability
-Angle adjustment of the harrows from 0 to 6 degrees

SHX-784, 84’ Variable Tine Harrow